Bribe with a hit

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A detective story worthy of a film adaptation happened the other day in St. Petersburg. Former deputy of the Internal Security Directorate of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Yuri Tegza, was placed under arrest . He is accused of brokering a bribe. Also in history there was a place for the famous raider on the Vulcan slot machine halls, a respectable luminary of medicine and some mysterious leaders of the Leningrad region’s insurance company.

Transfer and termination

Yuri Tegza, a retired colonel, who once held a major position in the Internal Security Directorate of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, according to the decision of the Oktyabrsky District Court, went to a pre-trial detention center as a suspect in mediation in giving a bribe – part 4 of Art. 291.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (*aggressor country).

According to the investigation, the businessman Igor Boldyrevdirector of the companies PK M-Steel LLC and executive director of TAIR LLC, tried to “resolve” the issue with the criminal case of a certain Sh. The goal was to hand over to “unidentified employees of the Leningrad Region Investigative Committee” 10 million rubles, for the termination of criminal prosecution. Through an acquaintance, Boldyrev contacted Yuri Tegzu, they agreed that the colonel would help transfer the money to the right people in the Investigative Committee, having extensive experience in law enforcement. Negotiations took place in the spring and summer of 2022, and in March of this year 2023, Tegza was detained.

According to preliminary data, the colonel’s involvement was confirmed by the testimony of Boldyrev’s very acquaintance, who wrote a confession. Everything would be fine, but, as they say, there are a number of interesting nuances. Firstly, the investigation is looking for several more intermediaries, and secondly, the scheme to identify bribe-payers, according to our insiders, “worked” when the accomplices decided to put pressure on the investigators leading the Sh case.

Official sources state that “The accomplices made attempts to discredit the operational investigative group.” What kind of discredit this was, history is still silent. However, if we take the former position as a starting point Yuri Tegzy, then the direction of movement can be roughly understood. Tegza worked in the Internal Security Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from 2008 to 2022 in senior positions and, as everyone understands, had important information and was generally aware of who was committing what mistakes.

Thirdly, despite the fact that official reports state that the bribe was supposed to be for “terminating a criminal case,” many media outlets subsequently wrote that in fact it was about transferring the criminal case from that department of the Leningrad Region Investigative Committee, where it is being investigated and transferred to another department. And most importantly, the final recipient of the 10 million bribe was never announced.

Action and investigation

On the sidelines of law enforcement agencies, these subtleties of the criminal case are already being discussed with might and main. They say that transferring a case from one department to another is not a crime at all, and, moreover, it is difficult “It’s even tempting to violate job descriptions.” But what causes the most sarcastic statements in smoking rooms is the haste with which a criminal case was opened against Tegza and the company.

“Why didn’t they trace the bribe to the final recipients? – commentators write sarcastically in discussions, – That would be a real triumph for the investigation. Look, they would have opened the abscess corruption”

Police and other law enforcement communities are going to follow with interest the case of Yuri Tegza, which they have already dubbed a “militant.” Many interesting facts also add flavor to the story. So, Yuri Vasilyevich Tegza is a native of Germany. And his father, according to rumors, is a candidate member of the Public Chamber of St. Petersburg, a luminary of medicine, a professor at the Department of Health Organization and Public Health at the Military Medical Academy named after. S.M.Kirova, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honored Health Worker Vasily Tegza.

Vasily Yurievich Tegza became famous not only as a physician and a great person in medicine, but as a person who loved his roots. Thus, it is no secret that Vasily Tegza, who was born in Ivano-Frankovsk in western Ukraine, is the chairman of the Ukrainian National-Cultural Autonomy of St. Petersburg named after him.

The colonel of the medical service is so respected in various circles that he celebrated his anniversary in 2021 in the Concert Hall at the Finlyandsky Station. So, according to knowledgeable people, in criminal history Yuri Tegzyvery interesting forces of influence and administrative resources may now be involved.

But these are not all the surprises in this criminal case. According to some reports, the interested party Sh., because of whom businessman Boldyrev and Colonel Tegza, an old bandit and raider, ended up in a pre-trial detention center Roman Shishkov. A man with a long criminal history.

“Volcano” of passions

As the media wrote, Shishkov served a lot of time for raids, was involved a lot in the market of cash-out services and, as they say, knew how to “grind issues.” In the criminal history of St. Petersburg there was only one Roman Shishkov, who became famous in the early 2000s as a robber who more than once destroyed gambling halls belonging to the notorious Vulcan LLC.

A criminal group that included citizens of Ukraine – Roman Shishkov, Stanislav Grabko And Alexander Sadchikov, began operating in 2003. They had no work, but they had more than enough needs and excitement. Therefore, the trio took the “high road” and began to destroy slot machine halls on Prosveshcheniya Avenue and Khudozhnikov Avenue in St. Petersburg (several gambling establishments were located on these streets adjacent to each other in those years). They acted rudely: they burst into the hall in masks, poked the guard in the face with a TT pistol and took the proceeds. By the time they were caught, they were responsible for a whole series of attacks and a robbery of the Golden League jewelry store. The total amount stolen was more than 3.7 million rubles. Shishkov and Grabko were detained, but Sadchikov managed to escape.

In 2007, investigators sent the case of a series of robberies to court. But this was, as the press wrote then, just the beginning. At that time, the Investigation Department of the Prosecutor’s Office was processing another criminal case against Shishkov and Grabko. It was about scams involving apartments of single St. Petersburg residents, which they perpetrated from 2003 to 2004. As the investigation officially reported at the time: “Currently, 4 episodes of apartment fraud have been proven. But there will be at least 10 of them.”

About further fate Romana Shishkova little is known, they only wrote that he was wanted. But there is no doubt that he is a familiar character for the criminal world of the Northern capital. What kind of criminal case against him was investigated by the Leningrad Region Investigative Committee is not known today. But today his figure is well-known, thanks to 10 million and the arrest of a former top intelligence officer. Whether the story will be supplemented by figures from the leadership of the Leningrad Region Investigative Committee is another question.

The editors will monitor developments.